Campaign Winter Venice 2017

The balance between sensuality, romanticism and a dose of mystery is the starting point of the Winter 17 Intima Passion campaign!

This collection is signed by the creative director of the brand: Tania Mara Rezende, who portrays in the collection a woman who seizes her elegant sensuality to enjoy the breeze and the mystery of the most romantic and enchanting city in the world: Venice.

Venice, with its narrow streets where to get lost in each alley is almost a must and its beautiful channels through which thousands of lovers of romanticism, art, and the freedom and freedom of travel have passed, were the inspiration for creating timeless pieces with a Pinch of sensuality and mystery that has innovated the traditional romantic air of the pieces but has retained the elegant and refined designer and flawless modeling that are the essence of the brand.

The collection is an invitation to get lost in the many possibilities that the choice of a piece of lingerie can hide: today she woke up romantic ... yesterday she was so practical and decided ... what mystery will be the choice of the piece for the night?

All this atmosphere was brought to the choice of cutouts and materials that refer to the romanticism in ombré straps, lace and mini ties, where sensuality was due to exclusive embroidery and transparencies.

The romantic balance of earthy tones, dry rose, dew-blue, so characteristic of the traditional paintings of the houses of Venice, and of course not forgetting the white and all the sensuality and power of the black predominate in the color chart.

Board on this mystery!